Around Ngpali

Ngapali golf course (4.5 km)
Play a few holes on this 9-hole course situated on Ngapali Beach.

Zalat Htone Island
This island’s unique black sand beaches are accessible via a beautiful bicycle ride that passes by traditional fishing villages.

Weaving workshops and craft market (Thandwe, 8.1km)
Peruse hand-made crafts and experience authentic Rakhine tradition.

Clay pottery at Kinmaw village (Near Thandwe, 12 km)
See how traditional pottery is made in the Rakhine style.

Nan Daw, Ann Daw and San Daw Pagoda (12- 14 km)
Three famous pagodas, each hiding a relic of the Buddha, are located by the Thandwe River. A tranquil place to meditate and watch the sunrise.

Zalun Monestary (14km)
The eccentric Zalun Monestrary features the bodies of reverend monks, supernaturally preserved, some say.

Pearl Island (11km)
This tropical paradise of white sand and crystal-clear water is a great spot for half-day snorkelling trip. Minutes away by boat, just off the coast at the southern end of Ngapali Beach.

Amata Mountain (12km)
A natural wonder that features a traditional standing Buddha image and a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean.

Jate Taw fishing Village (12 km)
Located in the southern end of Ngapali Beach, experience the busy lifestyle of local fishermen unloading their catch early in the morning.

Explore beyond

Oriental Balloon
Explore the skies of via hot air balloon and experience the amazing scenery of Ngapali from above.

Full day boat tour at Kyauk Ka Lat
A stunning boat journey through traditional villages and untouched Rakhine back country.

Ta Lal Nal Elephant Camp
Experience a day out with elephants! A forty-five minute boat ride along Thandwe River will take you to Ta Lal Nal Elephant Camp where you can bathe, feed and play with elephants.

Feed your adventurous side

Ask about package tours for trekking, biking, river kayaking, and fisherman life boat trip. Each tour includes a local guide, water, snacks and lunch, transport and travel insurance.

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Ngapali golf course4.5 km
Weaving workshops and craft market ,Thandwe8.1 km
Clay pottery at Kinmaw village, Thandwe12 km
Pearl Island11 km
Jate Taw fishing Village12 km
Amata Mountain12 km
Zalun Monestary14 km